Make #CCMFSnowAngels and donate in memory of someone you love

We know the loss of a loved one is incredibly difficult. Whether your loss is time-worn or fresh, we hope this small act can bring a moment of honour, hope and healing to all who take part.

Here’s how it works:

Make your #CCMFSnowAngels anywhere you like. Perhaps a spot that holds special memories of your loved one, or just a good patch of fresh snow. Donate to CancerCare Manitoba in memory of your loved one. If you would like to create an angel page in honour of a loved one, click here. You'll receive a page that you can personalize however you like as well as a special link to send to friends and family. We encourage you to share a picture of your snow angels online using #CCMFSnowAngels.

Plus, for every post you make using #CCMFSnowAngels, BSI Insurance will donate $1 to CancerCare Manitoba Foundation (up to $1000).

All donations made to CCMF Snow Angels will be generously matched by Mark and Sharon Evans up to $10,000.

All proceeds from #CCMFSnowAngels will go to support clinical trials at CancerCare Manitoba - ultimately leading to new treatments and more tomorrows for those we know, and love currently touched by cancer and those who will be in the future.

This initiative started in 2020 when a group of friends came together and created Alley's Angels Snow Angel Challenge.

“As I made my snow angel in memory of Alley I looked up into the sky and it was a special moment to pause and think of my dear friend.” Carol Ploen-Hosegood

We hope this simple task of making #CCMFSnowAngels brings people together in a special way. Whether you make snow angels on your own or connect with friends and family far and wide. Please know that the donations made in your loved one’s honour will make a lasting impact for so many touched by cancer.