How to RIDE INSIDE in 2021:

We were blown away with last year’s event and this year we will once again take part together, but separately as teams. We encourage you to #RideInsideMB in any way that you choose! Whether it’s the at gym, at home or in your workplace, every ride gets us closer to raising as much money as possible for kids who need it most.

Get excited with how you can wheel with the Wheelers. Each team member will commit to fundraising. Most important … HAVE FUN!

Steps to take for Ride Inside 2021:

  1. Talk to your coworkers, friends and family to build a team!

  2. Register your team online.

  3. Get fundraising! Emailing family and friends about the commitment you have made to Ride Inside is a great way to gather donations. You can also share what you are doing on social media (#RideInsideMB) to raise awareness about the event and collect donations.

  4. Plan your team ride. In the past, Ride Inside has been a stationary bike challenge where team members each rode for five minutes. You could stick with that format or try something new. Maybe your team signs up for a spin class together. Maybe you take bikes out on a trail that you love!

We encourage fun and creativity. Team costumes, themes, decorations and all that fun stuff! We have lots of tips and tools to support you and your team along the way. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 204.927-5433 or for ideas and information!

Your fundraising is dedicated to helping find cures for the rarest and hardest to treat cancers young people are facing by supporting PROFYLE. Your support means so much to those who are on this most difficult journey and need our help. Together, we are working toward a brighter future … for each one of them. By fundraising, you are making a tremendous difference. Be proud of your efforts!

GET SOCIAL WITH US - use #RideInsideMB

Remember to share your Ride Inside journey on social media with #RideInsideMB it’s a great way to keep in touch with other Ride Inside participants and a great reminder that we are in this together. It’s also a great way to be entered to win some amazing prizes!

For those not on social media, we ask that you take your team photo prior to November 20 and submit to our dropbox by clicking here.

Revisit some of our favourite memories!