13 days until "Paddles Up!"

September 6 - 8, 2019

Paddle the BIG BOATS and help more Manitoba kids survive cancer!

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The grip on your paddle tightens; you can feel your heart pounding. Anticipation... the horn sounds and a flurry of activity starts. The splash of paddles hitting the water. The drummer yells and the crowd cheers from the shore. The drummer urges the team to dig - paddle harder, faster! Your team crosses the finish line; it’s a mixture of satisfaction and exhaustion!

A great dragon boat race results from an amazing team of 22 people working together in synchronization, paddling towards a common goal. A great dragon team changes the lives of Manitoba children living with cancer.

YOU could be an invaluable part of the Manitoba Dragon Boat Festival event! You could make a difference in children’s lives, by raising money and paddling in the Dragon Boat Festival to help Manitoba kids with cancer.

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Step 1: Register your team with FMG (Facility Marketing Group)
Step 2: Check back in with us to kick off your fundraising

Manitoba Dragon Boat Festival 2017