In Memory

A donation in memory of a loved one is a caring way to pay tribute.

Donate in memory

A gift in memory is a caring response to the passing of someone you care about or at a difficult time. An acknowledgment of your gift can be sent by the Foundation on your behalf.
A list of those who made in memory donations will be given to family members upon their request.

Charity of Choice

If you wish to name CancerCare Manitoba Foundation as a charity of choice in an obituary, the following may be useful.

In lieu of flowers, memorial donations can be made to CancerCare Manitoba Foundation,
675 McDermot Ave, Rm 1160, Winnipeg, MB, R3E 0V9, Tel: 204-787-4143

If people would like to make to make an online donation, please use this link to the Memorial Donation form:

Obituaries published in the Winnipeg Free Press will automatically be linked to a Foundation memorial donation form if CancerCare Manitoba or CancerCare Manitoba Foundation are named.

If you would like to have a memorial event donation page created or to learn more,please contact Donna Laurin, or 204-784-2777

Thank you for considering CancerCare Manitoba Foundation as a charity of choice in memory of a special person in your life.

CCMF Memorial Recognition

You can have your loved one’s memory recognized on CancerCare Manitoba Foundations Memorial Plaque. Individual’s with over $1000 donated in their memory may be engraved on the memorial plaque, which is located on the second floor of CancerCare Manitoba (McDermot building).

If you would like to learn more about the memorial plaque, please contact Sherelle Kwan at or call 204-784-2778.

Due to current COVID policies to view the memorial plaques appointments must be made with the Foundation.