Hundreds of participants joined the inaugural Lemonade Stands for Hope weekend, July 19 - 21, hosting lemonade stands across the province. We are so overwhelmed by the generosity and support this weekend.

LemonadeStandsForHope, CCMF

Participants joined a thirst-quenching fundraising weekend involving kids, teens, kids-at-heart and businesses who share a common goal … improving the lives of Manitobans affected by a cancer diagnosis.

Lemonade Stands for Hope was a unique way for enthusiastic change-makers to take action and make a difference!

Here’s how it worked:

  • Participants registered their STAND with the Foundation
  • We provided a Lemonade Stands for Hope starter kit
  • Participants hosted their Lemonade Stand for Hope anytime over the weekend of July 19 - 21

It was really that quick, easy and fun!

THANK YOU for bringing HOPE to Manitobans and STANDing with us!

Thank you to our partners:

Lemonade Stands for Hope partners