2023 Community Event - Breast Cancer

Eastman ATV Ride for Mom

Eastman ATV is a non profit organization based out of Lorette Manitoba, with an annual membership of 250 family memberships about 400 people, (coming out of rural Manitoba and Winnipeg area). Eastman ATV, is part of a provincial organization, ATVMB (All Terrain Vehicle Manitoba), which is part of the National Association, Canadian Quad Council.

We have a constitution that we abide to. We have a chairperson and 12 board members with officers and directors positions with 2 year terms. We have scheduled meetings throughout the winter, with an AGM in spring. Minutes of our AGM are posted as per our constitution. 
We have RFM, trail, policy, ride, and nomination committees, who develop the ongoing actions of the club. We practice good governance, looking for consensus in our decisions, at the board level. Our club is an inclusive organization, with a written code of conduct for all members. We hold on to agreements with the Province of Manitoba that state we are to be the stewards of our trail network. We take these agreements all quite seriously, while continuing to enjoy ourselves on the trails.

The ATV Ride for Mom is hosted by Eastman ATV members, friends’ & families.  In total, approximately 50 volunteers.  The support we receive from our sponsors along with the club allows us to invite over 800 people riding or driving ORVs, from 1st time riders to those who have been enjoying this family ride for 5 years.

Participants of the ATV Ride for Mom, can expect the ride to last 5 to 6 hours, including an enjoyable lunch, music & communications with the ORV community. Dealers will display the latest in what they are currently promoting in there programs, giving participants an opportunity for a first hand look. Also, as part of the display, it incorporates an exclusive dealer demo opportunities. Even though there will be over 600 machines on the trail, the riders are well spread out, providing participants freedom to roam and ride at their own speed. 
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