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2021 Community Event - Pediatric Cancers

  Hello. I am supporting my Community by  asking for donations to CancerCare Manitoba.
Hello. I am supporting my Community by asking for donations to CancerCare Manitoba.

Cub Scout George-Antony's Ornaments of Hope

I am committed to making a difference. I am proud to be fundraising for CancerCare Manitoba Foundation and am asking for your support in helping me reach my goal.

I am making ornaments to help inspire you to donate. Please do.

When you make a donation, send an email to with a copy of your tax receipt and address. We will hand-deliver ornaments while they last (15 dollars is your minimum donation to get a tax receipt).

While they last! (Yes you can donate more than 15, and we will add ornaments :) 

CancerCare Manitoba Foundation is the only organization exclusively fundraising for CancerCare Manitoba. While CancerCare Manitoba works in partnership with Manitoba Health, some programs and services may not be eligible for government funding. CancerCare Manitoba Foundation raises funds to bridge this gap and help deliver the best research, patient care, treatment and support for all Manitobans and their families living with cancer. 

Each year more than 6,000 Manitobans receive a cancer diagnosis.  Your continued support helps CancerCare Manitoba and its partners prepare for an estimated 50% increase in the number of people diagnosed and living with cancer over the next decade. 

By supporting me with a donation, you are helping to support CancerCare Manitoba in its work to change lives and change the course of cancer in our province.  

Every donation -no matter how big or small- is critical as we work together to stay ahead of this disease.

Thank you for making Christmas happier for more people. Now, and we hope, in the future.

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