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2021 Community Event - Pediatric Cancers

Kendra's Walk 2021

Our daughter's dream twelve years ago and your continued and incredible support has truly created a lasting legacy for Manitoba children and teens living with cancer.

In 2009 at age 17, Kendra's multi-year battle with cancer continued on. She was treated by the pediatric oncology team and surrounded by children of all ages. Reflecting on her time at CancerCare Manitoba, she loved the young kids and her spirit always seemed to lift theirs - even during all of their hardest moments. Though she cherished these children, Kendra often felt the need for a space and programming that was tailored to the teen cancer experience. Despite knowing her cancer had returned in the spring of 2009, she looked beyond herself. She wanted to make a difference to meet the needs of other teens living with cancer. This is what sparked her vision for Kendra's Walk.

During the past eleven years, you have honoured our beautiful daughter with your unwavering commitment to her cause. For us, her family, the reality this is the twelfth anniversary of Kendra's Walk hits us hard. So much time has passed yet our memories of Kendra, who she was and what she believed in, remain so strong.

Kendra's cancer was rabdomyosarcoma. It was rare and very aggressive. Despite all efforts, she could not be saved. Just as she wanted to make the cancer journey easier for teens like her, she wanted her legacy to also support research into hard to treat cancers. She wanted a cure for those who would follow her down this incredibly difficult road.

This year proceeds of the 2021 Kendra's Walk will support PROFYLE, a historic new pan-Canadian initiative. Aimed at finding treatments for the 20 per cent of very hard to treat cancers in children, adolescents and young adults, Terry Fox PROFYLE (PRecision Oncology For Young peopLE) is exactly what Kendra envisioned. CancerCare Manitoba Foundation is a funding partner, having committed $1 million over five years to PROFYLE. CancerCare Manitoba pediatric oncology is a key research partner in this leading-edge project.

We would be honoured if you would join us and support the twelfth anniversary of Kendra's Walk. As we've done TOGETHER every year since 2009, we will honour her life, kind heart and passion. And TOGETHER we will help pave the way for a brighter future for our province's youngest patients.

This year's event is Friday, May 28th, 2021.

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