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2020 Community Event - All Cancers

Coffeehouse to End Cancer


My name is Paige Procter. For the past nine years I have organized and hosted an annual fundraising concert to raise money for cancer research in Manitoba called Coffeehouse to End Cancer. We have been granted permission to host our 10-year celebration on Friday, August 14th, 2020 at the Stonewall Veterans Memorial Sports Complex parking lot in order to comply with social distancing recommendation. We are seeking donations to raise funds prior to the show and be grateful for your contribution!

Coffeehouse to End Cancer is a fundraising concert that features performances by young, local artists that celebrate change and beating the odds. All the proceeds raised at the event go to CancerCare Manitoba. To date we have collected over $ 130,000 with the combination of ticket sales, personal donations, merchandise and silent auction tickets. During the height of the Covid 19 global pandemic my team and I were unsure if we would be able to host our show this year. While the rest of the world shut down during Covid 19, cancer diagnoses, treatment and research did not cease and the Interlake community urged us to continue raising money through the show! However we have not been unable to do any of our usual pre fundraising events and we are not allowed to have a silent auction or sell merchandise at this year’s show. We are relying solely on the generous donations of businesses in the community.

Each year more than 6,000 Manitobans receive a cancer diagnosis. Your continued support helps CancerCare Manitoba and its partners prepare for an estimated 50% increase in the number of people diagnosed and living with cancer over the next decade.

By supporting us with a donation, you are helping to support CancerCare Manitoba in its work to change lives and change the course of cancer in our province.

Every donation -no matter how big or small- is critical as we work together to stay ahead of this disease.

Thank you for your consideration.Thank you for your consideration.

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