2019 Ride Inside

Richardson Pioneers

We are participating in the 2019 RIDE INSIDE in support of the CancerCare Manitoba.

We have a colleague and friend who had an all too personal experience - her young son was diagnosed with Cancer approximately 1 year ago.  We thought this was an appropriate way to show our support for what has been a difficult and stressful time for the family.  Fortuantely, all signs are positive for a full recovery - and we know that CancerCare Manitoba was an important part of the treatment plan.

We are excited to invite you to share in this "party with a purpose" that promises to be a lot of fun and at the same time will raise critical funds for children with the hardest to treat cancers. 

Over the last five decades, there has been a dramatic improvement in treatments and outcomes for many pediatric and young adult cancers. Thanks to the passionate investment of donors, today four out of five of these young patients will be cured. 

However, the challenge remains for the remaining 20 percent of patients whose cancers have spread, returned, or proven resistant to treatment. For this 20 percent, outcomes remain dire. PROFYLE (PRecision Oncology For Young PeopLE) is a pan-Canadian initiative for children and young adults who are told they are out of treatment options. PROFYLE is a ground-breaking approach to treating these cancer cases. 

By supporting our team with a donation, you are helping to support CancerCare Manitoba in its work to change lives and change the course of cancer in our province. 

Every donation - no matter how big or small - is critical as we work together to stay ahead of this disease.

Thank you for your consideration.

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