Corporate Champions - How to become a Ride Inside sponsor!

Become a RIDE INSIDE sponsor

All funds raised in the Ride Inside stay in Manitoba to make a difference for kids with cancer, including those facing some of the most difficult to treat cancers. Eighty percent of kids will be cured. We, and many other generous Manitobans, are committed to doing everything we can to be the generation that brings the survival rate as close to 100 percent as possible for young people. This includes supporting PROFYLE.

Your sponsorship of Ride Inside will be a significant part of the future for these special patients. You will be proud to know all funds raised remain in Manitoba to help our very own children.

According to CancerCare Manitoba pediatric oncologist Dr. Geoff Cuvelier, PROFYLE "is to be the most important initiative in pediatric cancer in the next five years." Your support of Ride Inside is going to ensure progress continues. Thank you very much.

Contact us to learn more about how your organization can become a Corporate Sponsor. We are always available for a visit to make a presentation to your business. Download the Sponsorship Benefit Levels and Commitment Form.

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