Your Impact

Every year approximately 50 - 60 families in Manitoba will hear the words “your child has cancer.” With you in their corner, their chances for a positive outcome are better than ever before.

Lila sitting in wheelchair

Meet Lila. In the spring of 2022, she began experiencing knee pain and went for a recommended x-ray. The results of this x-ray changed the course of her and her family's lives. She then went for an urgent CT scan and MRI which led to their worst fears...Lila had cancer.⁠

Since then she has undergone four cycles of chemotherapy and a complex operation to remove and replace her knee joint and tibia bone in order to remove her tumour. In the process, a major nerve in her leg which was connected to the tumour had to be partially removed causing Lila to lose the ability to lift her foot.⁠

Today, Lila is 16-years-old and cancer free. It is because of donors that Lila was able to get the surgery she needed to remove her cancer, right here in Manitoba. Meaning that she was able to stay close to her family and loved ones. ⁠

Join the Ride Inside on November 2 to help raise important funds for all young Manitobans facing cancer, just like Lila.

Cain standing outside with a toque on

For kids like Cain, fighting for their lives has become the norm. On New Year’s Day 2022, Cain was diagnosed with an aggressive form of bone cancer osteosarcoma. That was the day his battle began.

Even in the midst of chemotherapy and painful limb-salvage surgery, he never lost his spirit or gave up hope. He courageously asked his doctors for the truth of his diagnosis…“Will I need surgery?”, “What are the chances of my survival?” and “Will I lose my leg?”

Right now, Cain is cancer-free but his cancer has a high-likelihood of reoccurrence and since his body has already faced as much chemotherapy as it can handle, he will need other treatment options if it does.

By participating and fundraising in the Ride Inside, you can help make sure support for Cain, and others like her, is available when they need it most.


CancerCare Manitoba is our provincially mandated agency for cancer and blood disorders. We share its bold vision, “A world free of cancer” and the goal that no life is cut short by cancer — a complex set of more than 200 diseases. CancerCare Manitoba Foundation is the only charitable organization exclusively fundraising for CancerCare Manitoba. ...Read more.