Participants in the news!

Some Challenge for Life participants have been featured in community papers or other news sources to showcase why they #TaketheChallenge. See the links below to read and hear their stories!


Amanda Ducharme, Local musicians are coming to kick cancer — hard in Winnipeg Free Press

Team Schvesters once again among CancerCare Manitoba Foundation Challenge for Life top fundraisers - Jewish Post & News

Kevin Mark on CTV Morning Live

Foundation President and CEO, Patti Smith on CTV Morning Live

Ken Talbot on CTV Morning Live

Rina and Isabella Consiglio on CTV Morning Live

CancerCare Manitoba President and CEO, Dr. Sri Navaratnam on CTV Morning Live

Sara Calnek on CTV News Winnipeg, More Tomorrow's Together


Families Matter in the Stonewall Teulon Tribune

Patti Smith on CJNU

Ted Fransen on CJNU

Sara Penner on CJNU

Rick Costantini on CJNU

Norm Blagden on CJNU

Kim Gray on CJNU

Ken Talbot on CJNU

Kathleen Alder on CJNU

Jason Gisser on CJNU

Harriet Lyons on CJNU

Diana Gillis on CJNU

Mill-Jay's Fight in The Western Canadian

Kari and Al Schultz on CTV News Winnipeg, More Tomorrow's Together

Interlake Teams in the Express Weekly News

Sheilah Lee Restall on CTV Morning Live

Jennifer Levins on CTV Morning Live

Lyle Vann on CTV Morning Live

Dr. Sri Navaratnam on CTV Morning Live

Patti Smith on CTV Morning Live

Nicola Starin on CTV Morning Live

Interlake Teams in the Express Weekly News


Lorianne Goderis-Lytle in The Treherne Times

Jackie Wilkie on CTV Morning Live

Lorianne Goderis-Lytle on CTV Morning Live

Lianne Huberdeau on CTV Morning Live

President and CEO, Patti Smith, on CTV Morning Live

Don MacDonald on CTV Morning Live

CJNU Nostalgia Notes August 2021

Transolutions Truck Centres in Canstar Community News

Bison Transport in Canstar Community News

Teams featured in the Jewish Post

Autumn Spulnick and Canada Life's Heroic Feet in Canstar Community News

Families Matter and Gord's Girls in Express Weekly News

Cameryn Carlos in Canstar Community News

Mommies Helpers featured in MBiz story

Ted Fransen in the Winkler Morden Voice

Carrie and Jennie on CTV News, More Tomorrows Together

Team CancerCure in Canstar Community News

Nicole Delichte in The Treherne Times

Evelyn Fey and the Klaw'd Hoppers in Canstar Community News

Jason Gisser on CTV Morning Live

Chantal Catellier on CTV Morning Live

Lorey Appelle on CTV Morning Live