Serving up sweetness and hope...together.

Lemonade Stands for Hope is a free and fun way for enthusiastic change-makers like you to take action and make a difference! Imagine lemonade stands on street corners all across the province! And then picture how many patients you can help support with the donations collected at your very own stand!

Change-makers of Manitoba, let’s work together to create HOPE of more tomorrows for cancer patients and their families.

Need more information? Call 204-784-2777 or email today and speak with our Lemonade Stands for Hope team.

Holding your stand:

Choosing the right day and time.

Host your Lemonade Stands for Hope stand on any, or all days, between July 14-16 during a time most convenient for you!

When registering your stand, you will be asked to indicate the date(s) and time(s) so we will know when your lemonade stand is open for business and so that, with your permission, we can add it to our Lemonade Stands for Hope map so others can find your stand.

We will be promoting Lemonade Stands for Hope on the weekend while encouraging supporters to watch for the uniquely-branded stands throughout Manitoba!

If you can't take part the weekend of July 14-16, you can still register and host a stand this summer at any time.

Searching for the best STAND location.

Where you host your lemonade stand is up to you! You might want to have your stand on your front yard, or at the end of your driveway; maybe it’s close to home but at a nearby high, foot-traffic area like a community centre or park. Even your cottage can be a great place for a lemonade stand.

- Will there be an event such as a carnival or baseball tournament in your neighbourhood where you could ask permission to host your stand?
- Will a local business help and let you stand nearby offering their customers your tasty lemonade?

This is your chance to get creative and make the stand your own!

Make sure to connect with us and share photos of your stand on your social media! This is a great way to let your friends and family know where you are so they can come see you and purchase lemonade from your stand. Make sure to tag us in your posts!

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