2019 Manitoba Dragon Boat Festival

Paddeling for our friends, family, and co-workers
Paddeling for our friends, family, and co-workers

Winpak Jets


We are committed to making a difference for Manitoba children living with cancer, and we are proud to be fundraising for the 2019 Manitoba Dragon Boat Festival in support of CancerCare Manitoba Foundation and the Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba.

Fifty to sixty children will be diagnosed with cancer this year in Manitoba, while many more will continue their treatments. Thanks to fundraising efforts for research and pediatric clinical trials, over 80 per cent are cured of their cancer. While this is very encouraging, we really need your help to cure them all. 

Your commitment allows CancerCare Manitoba and the Children's Hospital of Manitoba to continue supporting leading-edge cancer research and improve the quality of treatment, care and outcomes for our young patients.

By supporting us with a donation, you are helping to support CancerCare Manitoba in its work to change lives and change the course of cancer in our province. Every donation - no matter the amount - is critical as we work together to stay ahead of this disease.

Thank you for your consideration.


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