2023 Challenge for Life

Hector Wives Club

The Hector Wives Club will be walking in support of two of our fiercest Wives:  Aleks and Lori.  We will walk with Aleks on our shoulders and in our hearts, and with Lori yelling at us from the side of the road to get a move on.  The goals of our team are 1) to finish the Challenge while remaining conscious; and 2) to show Lori that each step we take is a step alongside her with her fight against cancer.

Being participants in this event means we are committed to improve our overall health and reduce our own risk of cancer. We have also committed to raise at least $250 each in the fight against cancer to help support cancer prevention, detection, treatment, research and education at CancerCare Manitoba.

Join our team in the Challenge or support us with a donation! Together, we can change the course of cancer in Manitoba.

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