2021 Challenge for Life

Transolutions Truck Centres Ltd.


Welcome to team Transolutions!

We are taking the Challenge - CancerCare Manitoba's Challenge for Life – because we can! 

Transolutions Truck Centres Ltd. is proud to be one of the leading sponsors for this event. By participating in the Challenge for Life Walk we have the ability to promote change and raise awareness to help Manitoban's battling cancer. Making progress against cancer requires significant collective effort and the involvement of Manitobans across our province.

This year we have gathered a team of strong-willed individuals who are commited to raising awareness and donations for CancerCare Manitoba. We encourage you to stand by us and support this important cause!

By participating in this “Made-in-Manitoba” event we are committed to taking steps to improve our overall health and reduce our own risk of cancer.  Together as a team we have set a goal of $50,000 + to support CancerCare Manitoba and all those in need. 

Team Transolutions thanks you in advance for all your support in helping us to reach our goals! 

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