2021 Challenge for Life

Going for 200K again this year!
Going for 200K again this year!


Yes, Marcel and Jan are taking the Challenge again - CancerCare Manitoba's Challenge for Life – and we are so grateful we can!

Five years ago, we were cruising along at a good pace. But, despite all the maps and forward planning, we hit a major roadblock and found ourselves careening down a bumpy, twisting path we never would have expected - or invited. Jan was diagnosed with cancer, and Marcel, a short year later. Our lives changed.

Thanks to our faith, friends, family and the kindness of others, we found our balance and strength. The caring experts at CancerCare Manitoba skillfully guided us, fixed the damage and offered training wheels when we didn't even know we needed them. We are now "back on our bikes", cycling through life on on a new, much straighter road, And, once again this year, our bikes will be put to excellent use for this year's Challenge for Life.

Will you support us in this latest journey? From August 5-17, we will be participating in CancerCare Manitoba Foundation's virtual Challenge for Life.  Just like last year, we are committed to cycle 200 km each, even though this year's Virtual Challenge is fewer days.  

As Team B2, our goal is to raise at least $8000 - will you help us to reach it?  We know you understand why this cause is so important to us. Every kilometre pedalled is for all the special people we know living with cancer and to honour those we've lost.

Please give as generously as you can so we can find a cure. Proceeds stay here in Manitoba, to benefit too many Manitobans and their families receiving treatment and support at CancerCare Manitoba. Your donation funds critical and targetted research, clinical trials, and the patient experience.

We will make a difference together.... because we can!

With big virtual hugs and many many thanks,

Jan and Marcel

CancerCare Manitoba Foundation’s mission, in partnership with its donors, is to support CancerCare’s strategic priorities. Donor contributions help bridge the gap of initiatives and programs not eligible for government funding or where financial resources are not available. This support to CancerCare Manitoba profoundly impacts patient outcomes.

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