2021 Challenge for Life




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Although once again we can’t gather for a “traditional” Challenge for Life experience, we are still able to support the vital work of CancerCare Manitoba by raising needed funds and improving our own health at the same time. Every dollar donated helps a Manitoban who is dealing with a cancer diagnosis by improving the ability of CancerCare Manitoba to deliver care and services
All of us are touched by cancer in some way during our lives, it is important now more than ever that we commit to the Challenge for Life, because we can!!!
Don MacDonald (14-year participant)

I started participating in this event as my way to feel helpful and supportive to my sister who had been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. Truthfully, I was mad and wanted to fight back.
Through all my years as a participant and I learnt so much about how CancerCare Manitoba Foundation supports Cancercare Manitoba. I am proud to do my part in making a difference in cancer patient lives with the help of my generous supporters. I am taking the Challenge – Because I can!
Michèle Bouchard (13-year participate)

This will be my 13th year participating in the Challenge for Life and although it may look a lot different than in previous years the need is there more than ever as this pandemic strains our healthcare system. The number 13 represents the combined energy of the numbers 1 and 3 which signifies renewed passion and motivation but also symbolizes tradition, organization, judgment and hard work. The number 13 is strong and a bringer of changes and turnovers. I truly believe the fact that this is my 13th year represents a turning point. The last 18 months have demonstrated how unpredictable life can be and through all these changes what remains constant is the commitment to help people affected by cancer. One in two of us will be diagnosed with cancer in our lifetime! The Challenge for Life is an amazing event that raises money to support cancer research and support those affected by this horrible disease. You can help make a difference! #together
Lisa Smith (13-year participant)

I walk year after year in support of family and friends that have fought the nasty “C” word. Participating in the Challenge allows me to help all those needing treatment now and into the Future. It also provides me with the motivation to get moving and stay active in order to reduce my risk of Cancer. Please support my team and I in this Challenge for Life

Julie Labossière (9-year participant)

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only option”. I watched my sister-in-law fight this fight with a smile on her beautiful face. She was the strongest person I know. I walk for her, for my Mother, Aunts, Uncles, good friends and everyone who has been touched by Cancer. My struggles are nothing when compared to a cancer fighter. I walk because I can.

Andrea Frost (8-year participant)

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