2020 Challenge for Life

Taylor's Troops

 Welcome to Taylor's Troops ! 

We are taking the Challenge at CancerCare Manitoba Foundation's Challenge for Life – because we can! 

 In March, one week after Taylor's 29th birthday and Jack's 1st birthday  she was diagnosed with an aggressive case of AML, a type of blood cancer. She received her first  round of chemotherapy as an inpatient at the Health Science Centre on the GD6 ward, a special unit which provides care for acute leukemia, lymphoma and marrow transplant. She spent 42 days there without seeing her family because of the Covid 19 pandemic. She is now at home, still battling this devastating illness by receiving chemotherapy treatment as an outpatient at Cancer Care Manitoba. Our goal is to get into remission and then receive a bone marrow transplant which will help keep her cancer free. Please consider making a donation for Challenge for Life, a blood donation or becoming a stem cell transplant donor.

By participating in this “Made-in-Manitoba” virtual event we are committed to taking steps to improve our overall health and reduce our own risk of cancer.  We are also each committed to raising at least $250 to support CancerCare Manitoba and all those in need. 

Join me in the Challenge – either by registering yourself to choose your challenge, or by supporting us with a donation. We'll do it together.... because we can!

CancerCare Manitoba is the provincially mandated cancer agency for all of Manitoba, responsible for cancer prevention, detection, treatment, research and education. CancerCare Manitoba is dedicated to excellence in cancer care, enhancing the quality of life of those diagnosed and living with cancer and blood disorders and improving cancer control for all Manitobans. 

CancerCare Manitoba Foundation’s mission, in partnership with its donors, is to support CancerCare’s strategic priorities.  Donor contributions help bridge the gap of initiatives and programs not eligible for government funding or where financial resources are not available.  This support to CancerCare Manitoba profoundly impacts patient outcomes.


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