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2019 Community Event - Pediatric Cancer

Shutout Childhood Cancer 2018/2019

Hi, My name is Sarah and I am going to be 12 years old. I am a goalie and I want to make a

Over the past two years I have been fundraising during my hockey season in support of Pediatric
Cancer research at CancerCare Manitoba. Using my role as a goalie I started on a journey to help
boys and girls like me by raising money for cancer patients and their families. Over the last two years
I have donated over $200 from my own piggybank and have had a total donation of $6 550.00

Each year I hope to exceed the previous, but I can’t do it without your generosity. I ask that you
support me in the fight against childhood cancer. Match my personal end of season donation or
make your own personal contribution.

This year I will donate from my own piggy bank:
$1.00 for each goal I let in during the 2018/19 season
$5.00 for each shutout I get during the 2018/19 season

The funds raised for pediatric research help CancerCare Manitoba's pediatric clinical trials taking
place which truly are saving lives. Donations will enable CCMF to fund nearly 50% of the trials
available for participation in Manitoba.

Follow me on Twitter to track my stats throughout the year, like and
retweet my Tweets, Like my Facebook page and Share my story with

Everyone is touched by cancer, I'm one 12 year old girl, imagine what our
willingness and compassion can accomplish together.

Twitter: @kidgoalie40
Facebook: #ShutoutChildhoodCancer

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