2018 Dragon Boat Festival

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is a heartbreaking moment. How we respond and connect as a community is so significant.

When children and their families are the ones hearing the words "you have cancer" we are compelled to step up even more. Together we can make the future brighter for Manitoba kids with cancer. That's why CancerCare Manitoba Foundation and the Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba have joined forces with FMG to help raise funds for research, clinical trials and care and support for these vulnerable patients.







The Dragon Boat Festival provides:

  • A fun way to connect with colleagues, friends and family
  • A unique way to boost team building and improve communication
  • An excellent opportunity to promote community involvement
  • A chance to get active with an engaging experience

Over the past few decades the survival rate for childhood cancer has improved significantly and today about 80% of children survive a cancer diagnosis. These are positive results but childhood cancer is still the leading disease-related cause of death for Canadian children. Our goal is 100% survival!

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50/50 Winner: Maria Evaristo - Paper Dragons

Happy Monkey Club Wine Raffle Winners:

1 - Martin Martel

2 - Corinne Podolsky

3 - Gail Mireau

4 - Janinne Creran

5 - Pete Cushman

6 - Ed Hamilton