Cancer Care Manitoba

2018 Community Event - All Cancers

Miles for Marnie

On September 29th, 2015 and after a three year courageous battle with metastatic breast cancer we lost our wife/mother Marnie to this horrible illness.

The burden of cancer affects many people. We all have had a family member or friend who has been challenged by this disease. It affects us deeply and consumes our lives on a daily basis. We were very fortunate to receive wonderful care and a fabulous outcry of support from our friends and community. Not all have this luxury.

On Father's Day 2016 myself and a team of supporters ran the full Manitoba Marathon to raise awareness and funds for CancerCare Manitoba Foundation to support and alleviate the burden put on cancer patients and their families. A chance to make their lives a little easier.

The "Miles for Marnie" initiative gives us the opportunity to pay back the many cancer families we have met on our journey; the ones that offered advice, made us smile, and gave us hope. It allows us to pay it forward to the many more people and caregivers that will need the support to battle through their own personal journeys.

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