Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - General Questions

Challenge for Life is a 20k Walk that will take participants through some of Winnipeg's most beautiful and historic neighborhood, or a 200 non-continous workout of aerobics to CrossFit to yoga, and everything in between in Assiniboine Park!

The Challenge was created by the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation to help Manitobans reduce their risk of cancer and increase awareness for ALL cancers, while raising significant funds to support CancerCare Manitoba's work on behalf of Manitobans and their families living with cancer.

You can:

Yes. There is a $25 non-refundable registration fee.

Once you have registered, you will receive access to a personal web page to tell your story and access to the online Participant Centre for exclusive fundraising and healthy living tips.

No. In accordance with Canada Revenue Agency Guidelines, registration fees are not eligible for tax receipts.

Participants commit to:

Raise a minimum of $500 for CancerCare Manitoba prior to the event. Work to reduce their own cancer risk by making personal lifestyle changes with the five steps: Eat Well, Shape Up, Cover Up, Check Up and Be Tobacco Free.

Participants of all ages are welcome to participate. However, for the safety and enjoyment of everyone:

Participants who will be under the age of 18 on the day of the event must provide a waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian at the time of registration; Unless they are part of the KIDS COUNT team, children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult who is a registered participant in the Challenge (waiver must still be signed by parent or legal guardian).

Each registered participant must achieve the $500 fundraising minimum.

Yes, strollers and wagons are allowed but please be courteous to your fellow participants. Please note: for the safety of all participants, dogs, bikes, rollerblades, skateboards and umbrellas are not permitted and no one is allowed to run the route.

FAQ - Fundraising

Yes. All individual participants must raise a minimum of $500 prior to the event date.

The Challenge for Life raises serious dollars for a serious cause.

We are committed to keeping the cost of running an event of this magnitude to a minimum and our sponsors, volunteers and partners contribute significantly to help offset those costs. We strive to have all event operating costs covered by sponsorship and registration fees, which helps ensure as much of the fundraising dollars as possible go to CancerCare Manitoba.

No. Your registration fee pays for the support you receive prior to and during the event.

Some who thought they would never get there have become our top fundraisers! Once you register, you will create a Personal Page where you can tell your story and encourage donations from friends and family.

From simply asking friends and family for support, to holding a fundraising event and everything in between, we are here to help! Visit the Fundraising page for some great ideas to get you started, or call us at 204-927-LIFE (5433) and together we'll do all we can to help you succeed.

The sooner you register, the sooner you can get started! Please make every effort to turn in your donations by Friday, June 1, 2018 to allow for processing, so you are credited with all donations prior to the day of the event.

We want to get as accurate a count as possible of those who have met their fundraising commitment so we can plan for their participation on event day and help keep our costs down.

Your fundraising efforts will benefit all Manitobans through the outstanding work done at CancerCare Manitoba. We know your donors will appreciate supporting CancerCare Manitoba through the Challenge for Life.

FAQ - The Benefits of being on a Corporate or Community Team

A corporate team is a group of individuals from a Manitoba business or organization. A community team is a group of individuals who choose to enter together as a team.

A minimum of two people and as many more as you wish!

Everyone who registers for the Challenge as part of a team is encouraged to raise a minimum of $500 individually. If, however, as a member of a team, you personally fall short of $500, you may participate on event day provided that:

  • your team average is at least $500 per member, and
  • your team agrees that all may participate

For example: There are three members on your team. Two raise $600 each, the third raises $300. Your total raised is $1,500, which is an average of $500 each, so if the team agrees, all three may participate.

If your team does not meet the team average of $500 per member, then as a team, you must decide which members will participate on event day (for example: a team of five raises a cumulative total of $1,500. The team chooses three members to participate on event day.)

FAQ - Donations

Donating online is easy and secure. Click the DONATE button at the top of the page. Enter the name of the participant you wish to support and follow the prompts. Online donors will receive an immediate confirmation of their donation, followed by a tax receipt via email.

We make every effort to protect your personal information. The software we use for registrations and donations on the website uses industry-standard SSL encryption techniques to make sure that your credit card information, passwords and personal information travel securely over the Internet. Our software provider has also installed an encryption engine on our database server so that your data is securely stored. Credit card information is never stored in our database or our software provider's database.

Cash donations can be made in person Monday to Friday at the Challenge office located at the corner of Sherbrook Street and Bannatyne Avenue across from the Health Sciences Centre. Enter under the blue canopy on Bannatyne and follow the signs through the sliding doors on your left (8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.), or the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation office at ON1160-675 McDermot Avenue (8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.).

Donations made online will show up immediately on a participant's web page. For donations made by cash or cheque, please allow up to two weeks for processing.

Receipts will be automatically mailed for donations of $15 or more.

Please allow two-three weeks after your donation has been received in our office to receive your tax receipt. Receipts for online donations will be sent by email. Tax receipts for mail or walk-in donations will be sent by Canada Post.

FAQ - Training

Yes! We want you to feel great and celebrate your successes on event day. Walk It or Work It is an achievement we want you to safely enjoy! "Shape Up" is one of the key steps to reducing your risk of cancer, and group fitness is proven to be one the easiest and most productive ways to exercise.

How should I train? To begin, get yourself a good pair of shoes and start walking and stretching! There are some great tips and sample training schedules on our Training Page of our Web site. We hope you will also take advantage of the expertise offered by our health and fitness partners and find a program that works for you. You should always visit your health care provider before embarking on any fitness program.

If you are unable to continue walking while on the route, one of our sweep vehicles will transport you to the next checkstop, or to the finish line. If you are unable to continue exercising, one of our event volunteers will assist you. Your safety is always our first priority.

FAQ - Your Personal Page and Participant Centre

Your Personal Page is your opportunity to tell your story to the world. Friends and family can visit and easily donate to you online or print out a donation form. Anyone who looks up your name on the Challenge for Life site will be directed to your Personal Page. Your Personal Page is automatically created when you register. Then it's simply a matter of personalizing it by adding photos and writing messages about what inspired you to take the Challenge. Login to get started.

The Participant Centre is part of the website that is only available to you after you register. You will have a username and password to log in. Once you log in, you'll have access to excellent tools to set up and edit your Personal Page, send emails to potential donors and access exclusive fundraising and healthy living tips.

You can simply call 204-927-LIFE (5433) and our friendly staff will get you started and give you ongoing support.

When friends or family visit, they can either click on the "Donate" button or they can SEARCH FOR A PARTICIPANT. Either way, when they type in your name, they will be directed to your Personal Page. OR, if you send emails from your Participant Centre, they can click on the link that takes them directly to your page.

If you have a photo saved to your computer as a .jpg file:

  • Login using the login in the upper right hand corner.
  • Click on the "Personal Page" tab.
  • Click "Photos/Video."
  • Click on "Choose File" and find your photo.
  • Click "Save/Upload."

    If you are having difficulties please call 204-927-LIFE (5433).

    You can request an email reminder from the homepage, and your username and password will be sent to you.

    At the top of this page, log in using your username and password.

    Once you are logged in, at the top of your page click on a topic called “Update Profile.” This takes you to your profile information. You will be able to change your contact information, email address, username and password. At the bottom of that page, click save. You can now continue using the site.

    If you are having difficulties, please call 204-927-LIFE (5433).

    FAQ - Your Dollars at Work

    Proceeds from the event stay right here in Manitoba to support prevention, early detection, state of the art treatment, world class research and patient support at CancerCare Manitoba.

    We are committed to keeping the cost of running an event of this magnitude to a minimum and our sponsors, volunteers and partners contribute significantly to help offset those costs. We will continue striving to have all costs covered by sponsorship, so all funds raised can go directly to CancerCare Manitoba.

    I read through all the FAQs and have a question that isn't listed here.

    Please email us your question to and we will respond within two business days.