Donor impact: your fundraising dollars at work

One in two of us will be diagnosed with cancer in our lifetime. This is a daunting forecast which reinforces the importance of the funds raised every year at Challenge for Life.

CancerCare Manitoba Foundation is the only charitable organization exclusively fundraising for CancerCare Manitoba.

CancerCare Manitoba’s goal is that no life is cut short by cancer. It aims to eradicate a disease consisting of more than 200types and stages. CancerCare Manitoba is the government-mandated cancer agency for the entire province, charged with the responsibility for cancer prevention, detection, treatment, research and education. While CancerCare Manitoba works in partnership with Manitoba Health, some programs and services are not eligible for government funding. Due to donor generosity, since 2000 CancerCare Manitoba Foundation has been able to grant more than $111 million to CancerCare Manitoba to bridge this gap and help deliver the best research, patient care, treatment and support. We are proud to support CancerCare Manitoba’s internationally-recognized team of health professionals as they provide outstanding quality care for all Manitobans and their families living with cancer.

All of the proceeds from Challenge for Life stay right here in Manitoba! Some of the CancerCare Manitoba initiatives and programs receiving funding include:

  • Investing in ground-breaking research, translating knowledge into action to directly improve care of all cancer patients in Manitoba
  • Investing in CancerCare Manitoba's Tumour Bank, conducting research into leukemia, prostate, lung, breast, and head and neck cancers
  • Investing in clinical trials, giving patients access to leading-edge treatments and allowing researchers to develop and test potentially life-saving therapies
  • Investing in Epidemiology (the study of cancer patterns in the population), focusing on the key areas of cancer control: prevention, access and outcomes. Patient and Family Support Services, providing programs free of charge to anyone affected by a cancer diagnosis. Programs include the Patient and Family Resource Centre, a sanctuary with more than 5,000 patient visits every year information and support sessions for patients and their families on common types of cancer; and Quality of Life programs including Art Therapy, Yoga, and Music to My Ears.
  • Investing in Community Oncology which enables cancer patients across the province to receive care closer to home