2019 Challenge for Life

John Young
John Young

Forever Young

*****We hit $2020 today and Denise announced that if we raise $1000 by March 31st (bringing our team to $3020) she will shave her head! She will grow it long enough to be a donatable length so and then shave it.*****

***** UPDATE***** We hit $3020 so Dee will be shaving her head. We are looking at a target date of October 1st so she can grow her hair long enough to donate to Eva & Co Wigs who are a partner with BC Children's Hospital - Wigs for Kids Program. They accept hair with gray in it which is a requirement for Dee to donate. 

I am so grateful for the support we have had from everyone around us. I am excited that my neice, Shar, and my sister-in-law, Chris, have joined our team and will be walking with us on June 8th and that we have a great support team in Lorraine & George as we do our walk. 


This is why I am walking:

In August 1993 my dad started experiencing symptoms. In October 1993 they operated taking a large tumor off his brain. In November 1993 they told him it had spread to his lungs. In February 1994, on a day he was feeling better and wanted to go out for dinner, he left us.

2019 marks 25 years since Cancer took my dad, John Young. I was barely an adult. I am now older then he was when he passed. He never got to meet his amazing granddaughter Sharleigh. 

For him, we will walk. 

We will walk for others as well - cancer has touched so many people in our lives. 

Our goal as a team is to raise $3000. We welcome you to supprt us by attending one of our fundraisers, clicking donate on this page, by walking with us on June 8th or by volenteering with Challenge for Life 2.0 on June 8th in one of the very many volunteer postions. 

Thank you so much. 




Default Message from CancerCare Manitoba: 

We are taking the Challenge at CancerCare Manitoba's Challenge for Life – because we can! 

CancerCare Manitoba is the provincially mandated cancer agency for all of Manitoba, charged with the responsibility for cancer prevention, detection, treatment, research and education. CancerCare Manitoba is dedicated to excellence in cancer care, to enhancing the quality of life for those diagnosed and living with cancer and blood disorders and to improving the control of cancer for all Manitobans. 

Our goal is to prevent every cancer we can; those we cannot prevent we strive to detect early and those we do not detect early, we treat with the best available options. CancerCare Manitoba is committed to continuous learning and improvement through world-class research.

The CancerCare Manitoba Foundation is the only organization exclusively fundraising for CancerCare Manitoba. While CancerCare Manitoba works in partnership with Manitoba Health, some programs and services may not be eligible for government funding. CancerCare Manitoba Foundation raises funds to bridge this gap and help deliver the best research, patient care, treatment and support for all Manitobans and their families living with cancer. 

By participating in this annual “Made-in-Manitoba” event, we have committed to help reduce my own risk of cancer by taking steps to improve my overall health. We are also individually committing to raise at least $500 to support CancerCare Manitoba - and all those who cannot walk. 

Join us in the Challenge – either by registering to Walk It or Work It or by supporting us with a donation. We'll do it together.... because we can!

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