2017 Challenge for Life

Serratus Superstars

We invite you to join our team – Serratus Superstars. Last year we had 25 members – and we raised $58,000.00; we plan to double that this year! But we need more bodies.

Since its inception in 2008, the Challenge For Life has raised nearly $9,000,000. There is a cost to raising that money, but relative to other charities, the administration costs are low. The money that is raised translates into valuable resources for Manitobans: advanced research and clinical trials; the purchase of innovative technologies and equipment; and patient and family services and programming at Cancercare.

We are sure that every one of you have benefited in one way or another from the money that Cancercare Foundation raises – we are all connected to someone that has been stricken with Cancer. Whether it is the extra mammogram or other diagnostic machines that have been purchased through Foundation support, or Clinical Trials that have extended the life of your loved one, or a cup of coffee and cookie that comes around while family wait for appointments – these are all gifts that the Foundation gives to us. Join our team – you will benefit from walking, talking, and knowing that you are making the lives of Manitobans a better place. 

To join our team, hit the JOIN THE TEAM button.  If it is not yet your year to walk, hit the DONATE NOW button, and plan to participate another year.  Sincerely, the Serratus Superstars

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